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Catholic education in Tasmania caters for students at all levels of learning.

In 2007 the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office launched SOFOS, a program dedicated to providing engaging activities for gifted students as a response to the needs of students in Tasmanian Catholic schools. In it’s initial stages, teacher Mrs Erica Halley was appointed to administer the program.

Since then the program has expanded as more schools recognise the necessity to respond to the needs of individual students who can benefit from having access to a large range of stimulating activities.  Due to the increased popularity with over 100 students participating statewide, SOFOS is now administered by two teachers, with Mrs Halley being joined by Mrs Jenny Noble. Some past SOFOS students who have moved on to secondary education have also volunteered to contribute with online help and assistance for those currently in the program.

Grade 3-6 students participating in SOFOS meet on two occasions during the school year for a day of challenging and creative activities, and a chance to meet up in person. SOFOS also gives students from different schools the opportunity to communicate and share activities such as philosophical questions, maths challenges, literacy activities, and more, with each other via the Ning website.  Whilst students work independently they are also allocated a mentor, either a teacher or teacher aide within each school, to support them in their work.

If you think your child would benefit from this program, please contact your Principal to discuss the options available.

Glynis Tully
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