Science takes off

Recently Keiran Mathews from Stella Maris Catholic School and Helen Byrnes from Marist Regional College put forward an idea of running a Science lesson for Stella Maris Kindergarten classes. Helen and I put together a Science lesson that Kindergarten students could participate in about rockets with the help of her Year 10 Science class. We had two laboratories set aside for two groups.

The Groups consisted of 27 Stella Maris Kindergarten students and 13 Year 10 students from Marist. We started first with the famous 'tea bag rocket' demonstration which the Kinder’s loved as it ends up with a fiery levitating tea bag. In the next 30 minute session, the Year 10 students helped the Kinder’s build a thin paper rocket that was wrapped around a straw. Then the Kinder’s had fun blowing into the straw and firing their air propelled rocket. Both Stella Maris Kindergarten teachers Keiran and Jackie, the Stella Maris Kindergarten parent helpers, Helen and I were all very impressed by the way the Year 10 Science students and Kindergarten students interacted with each other having lots of fun. It was a very heart warming experience to be a part of. Thanks to Helen Byrnes, Keiran Mathews, Jackie Wickham, the parent helpers and Mrs Byrne’s Year 10 Science class.

Darren Cox: Head of Marist Regional College Science Faculty

 Science 1 Science 2 Science 3

Stella Maris Catholic School and Marist Regional College students