From the Director

As I embrace a future in retirement, I am deeply grateful for the collegial support of Archbishop Julian Porteous, Archbishop Adrian Doyle, the Priests of the Archdiocese, TCEO staff, Principals, members of our governance bodies, the TCEC and advisory committee members and those students, families and staff who make up our school and college communities. They have been an example to me of all that is best in Catholic education. I will always cherish the memory of the greetings, meetings, and generous friendship and professional support people have extended to me, during the last very engaging and fruitful five years. It has been an unusually demanding period in the development of Catholic Education and education generally in this country and I am honoured to have had a part in leading our system during these challenging times. Our success and achievements would not have been possible without the generous advice, teamwork and support of so many experienced colleagues.

I have always believed that Catholic education exists to provide the opportunity for children and young people to experience God’s love for them and to know their destiny, whether they are Catholic or from a different background, to be the best they can as a human person loved by God and called to make a unique contribution to the world. That is human dignity at its best.

It is with peaceful joy that I complete this period of my life in Hobart and return to my family home on the North West Coast. Deo gratias for all that has been possible and for all that will unfold in the future.

Trish Hindmarsh-Director

Dr Trish Hindmarsh