Aspiring leaders

The Catholic Principal Association of Tasmania has renamed the Emerging Leaders Scholarship. in honour of Kate O’Driscoll, a Principal who lost her life earlier this year. Kate had been Principal of Holy Rosary Catholic School Claremont and had taken on the role of Principal at St Paul’s Catholic School Bridgewater not long before her diagnosis.

When describing the Award, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School Lindisfarne Principal Elizabeth McDougall, said 'Kate believed with a passion that school should sweep children up in a learning process based on sound research, high quality teaching and a genuine love for every child, no matter how challenging they might be... She will always remain a model for us all of true leadership and absolute commitment to all that is good and true.'

Kate’s husband, Owen O’Driscoll, presented the Kate O’Driscoll Aspiring Leadership Award to Stephanie King, a teacher at Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School Lenah Valley. As a result of winning the award, Stephanie attended a professional development workshop ‘Tuning in to Kids’ in Melbourne. The aim of the workshop was to assist in developing the emotional intelligence of students and to support parents dealing with their children’s social emotional issues.

I enjoy the diversity of teaching.  There are always new challenges being presented and so many new ideas to explore.  

Stephanie intends to impart some of what she learned to fellow teachers and conduct sessions for families. In the classroom, Stephanie will incorporate the ideas from Tuning into Kids with Circle Time and positive behaviour support to help students regulate and label their emotions and develop problem-solving skills.

Stephanie is at home in the busy classroom surrounded by eager Prep students. She says, 'I enjoy the diversity of teaching.  There are always new challenges being presented and so many new ideas to explore.  I am always looking for opportunities to improve my own practice and create the best possible learning experience for the students.  I take great interest in learning about new skills and strategies and discovering which will be effective to incorporate into existing programs or which are so worthwhile that they stand alone.'

Aspiring leaders