Principal Performance Appraisal Process

The Principal’s role is pivotal in leading a school community in the provision of quality education for students.  This is arguably even more so in a Catholic school where the Principal’s leadership forms part of the Church’s educational mission.  The role of the Principal is acknowledged as being complex, challenging and rewarding.

Performance management processes instituted by the Tasmanian Catholic Education Office provide the Principal with support, encouragement, challenge and direction in the ongoing development of leadership capabilities across his or her career path. 

In addition, performance management processes provide a measure of performance accountability and quality assurance for the Catholic educational community.

The range of performance management processes for Principals include:

  • Annual goal-setting, reflection and review, supported by the Head of School Services
  • Periodic Appraisal
  • Mini Appraisal, conducted by the school’s Head of School Services, and occurring within the first eighteen months of a Principal’s initial two year contract in a school, and
  • Principal’s Performance Appraisal Process, conducted by a panel chaired by a Head of School Services, and supported by a Peer Principal.

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