Richard Hill

Richard Hill’s friendly face is almost a part of the furniture at St Virgil’s College, where he has taught for 25 consecutive years.

“I appreciate being part of a faith system which welcomes everyone and promotes spirituality, justice and a sound education.”

Mr Hill has been teaching at the school since 1991, and has witnessed a huge rise in the dependence on technology.

“The growth of technology that allows students greater access to research information and provides new formats for presenting their work. There has also been a lot of material written to engage boys: e.g. John Marsden.”

Looking to the future, Mr Hill predicts that teaching will continue to evolve to reflect the needs of society.

“I foresee increasing emphasis on early intervention for specific learning needs, ongoing technological innovation, and a continuing confirmation of the pastoral and spiritual role of teachers.”

While it is difficult for Mr Hill to pinpoint a specific highlight of his 25 years of service, he acknowledges the satisfaction of assisting his students, and enjoys seeing their enthusiasm for learning and development.

“I have always valued the privilege of helping others.”