Louise Paoli

Corpus Christi Catholic School Grade 2 teacher Louise Paoli has spent 27 years furthering the development of students at a number of Tasmanian Catholic schools, including St Brigid’s Catholic School, Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, Holy Rosary Catholic School, and now Corpus Christi Catholic School.

“What I enjoy most about teaching is seeing the delight children have when they achieve something that has been a challenge or discover something new. Being able to laugh with my students. Share their story.”

“Teaching is about the child… The child is foremost the important member of class. Every class I have taught I think of as my own. Many sleepless nights have occurred during 27 years worrying about 'my children'. It is always sad to see a class go.”

Mrs Paoli’s own family have also played a part in her significant contribution to Catholic Education, and her three children have attended St Cuthbert’s Catholic School, MacKillop Catholic College, and Guilford Young College.

“Something I have been blessed with was being able to combine career with family. I have worked part-time since the birth of my first child, he is now 21. This has enabled me to be a volunteer in my own children's Catholic school as well as teach.”

Teaching students at such a young age results in even greater satisfaction when Mrs Paoli meets with her ex-students down the track. 

“A highlight of my teaching is discovering what my students from the past have chosen to do. Seeing them grow and become young adults is a real delight particularly as they change so much from Early Years.”