Jim Ireland

Working with people and building trust has always been key to the TCEO’s Special Projects Officer Jim Ireland’s teaching sensibility within the Catholic system.

“The thing that I have liked most about teaching is the relationship building with children, their parents and with other school staff members. These interactions and connections are just so important in building trust and credibility to create a platform for learning.”

“The people, friendships and the many families met along the way. Also the privileges, opportunities to contribute and share and the many great memories and experiences created along the way.”

Mr Ireland has taught throughout the state at Catholic primary schools, including St John’s Catholic School, St Joseph’s Catholic School, St Cuthbert’s Catholic School and John Paul II Catholic School. Additionally Mr Ireland spent a year as Principal of St Joseph's School Condobolin in the Wilcannia Forbes Diocese (NSW).

“I loved teaching Maths, PE and organising carnivals.”

With extensive experience in Catholic education, Mr Ireland has noticed a number of changes, but some things have remained consistent.

“The one thing that has remained constant is the continued passion of good teachers to do what is best for the children in their care, despite the ever increasing expectations, expectations placed on them.”

With 25 years experience in education, Mr Ireland has some keen insight into what the next 25 years may bring.

“More advanced technology (including nano), teachers will facilitate automated programs for their students (much more independent learning), less direct human input and contact.”

Other highlights of Mr Ireland’s career include:

  • Watching my own children grow, learn and succeed with other children in the schools that I worked;
  • Being part of the principals group especially chair of CPAT and a member of APPA and ACCPA and the opportunities and experiences that went with that journey;
  • Being presented with a CPAT fellowship;
  • Sabbaticals to Canada and Finland;
  • The privilege of just working and helping Tasmanian children and their families.