Donna Duggan

When it comes to teaching, St Aloysius Catholic College teacher Donna Duggan agrees with the phrase ‘variety is the spice of life’.

“Every day is different; no two days are ever the same.”

“I love watching students grow and achieve and seeing students achieve success when they may have struggled to grasp a topic or concept. I love the smiles on students’ faces – they brighten up your day.”

During her 25 years at St Aloysius Catholic College, St James Catholic College and St Patrick’s Primary School (QLD), Mrs Duggan appreciates the inclusivity of the Catholic Education system.

“It doesn't matter where you come from, or what your background is, every student is treated the same and respected for what they have to offer. Students are also supported in embracing this inclusivity.”

The increased use of Information Technology has seen teaching evolve over Mrs Duggan’s 25-year tenure, and the next 25 years are likely to see more changes.

“The needs of students have definitely changed over the past 10 years, so possibly this will continue. As Information Technology continues to grow the needs of Catholic Education to keep up with this fast paced industry will also need to change.”

As for the highlight of her 25 years, Mrs Duggan points to the satisfaction of seeing her students succeed.

“Seeing students that I have taught in employment and having students come back to see me, when they have moved to a new class, College or employment. It is great to hear how they are going or what they are now doing.”