Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council

A voice for Catholic school parents

The Tasmanian Catholic Schools Parents Council (TCSPC) is a collaborative and representative organisation dedicated to promoting faith, seeking equity, ensuring choice and quality education with a voice for all children in Catholic school communities by

  • Sharing responsibility for learning and living gospel values;
  • Assisting our school communities to identify, provide and maintain the human, material and capital resources necessary for the effective and efficient delivery of Catholic education;
  • Building an environment where parents can be empowered to take an active role as the primary educators of their children;
  • Actively encouraging our school communities to reach out with love, respect and tolerance through balancing the needs and expectations of all.

The TCSPC liaises with Catholic Church authorities, peak education bodies and the Tasmanian Government and its instrumentalities, to maintain and protect the interests of Catholic school students and their families. On the national education scene, TCSPC is affiliated with Catholic School Parents Australia (CSPA) and Australian Parents Council (APC).

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