Governing Councils

The role of the Governing Councils is to advise and assist the Archbishop in the exercise of his ecclesiastical, educational and legal authority. In association with the Principal and the School Board, the Governing Council has the responsibility to ensure that each College operates effectively as a Catholic school and meets legislative requirements and functions within appropriate financial, legal and industrial parameters. The Systemic Catholic Schools Governing Council performs this role collectively for 26 systemic schools and colleges.  The Association colleges each have an individual Governing Council.

Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission

The Tasmanian Catholic Education Commission (TCEC) is appointed by the Archbishop and is the overarching strategic planning and policy making body for Catholic education in Tasmania. The Commission is responsible for representing Catholic education in Tasmania in Commonwealth and State arenas and is the recognised approved body for the distribution of government funding.

Members of the TCEC are appointed for three year terms and the term of one third of the membership (three positions) shall expire annually.

Membership consisting of the following:

  • The Chairman, appointed by the Archbishop
  • The Director of TCEO (ex-officio as Chief Executive Officer for TCEC)
  • A Priest or nominee appointed by the Archbishop (ex-officio)
  • Nine ordinary members (nominated by the community at large and appointed by the Archbishop)
  • The Archbishop, at his discretion, may appoint two further members if deemed appropriate.


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